Odore Mio Black Tea Musk EDT Natural Black Tea Perfume OM 130

Black Tea Musk PerfumeBlack Tea Musk by Odore Mio features one of the most authentic natural black tea notes supported by layers of balsamic woods, sandalwood, dry tobacco leaf, woody ambers, and cedar wood. High notes of Black Tea Musk also feature rare bloom of Camellia Sinensis tea plant used in production of green and black tea varieties. Black Tea as we know it today is a result of fermentation process which was discovered by accident. Such fermentation allows the tea leaf to retain and improve its flavour and aromatic profile with age. Multitude of additional aromatic notes appear during this process including sweet musky notes. Black Tea Musk includes such creamy musky notes based on Incense, Muscatel and other exotic plant based oils and ambers. The resulting composition conveys enigmatic Black Tea experience wrapped in layers of sacred Incense and Muscatel notes.

Black Tea Musk Eau de Toilette Natural Black Tea Perfume Spray OM 130

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