Odore Mio White Magnolia

White Magnolia EDT OM No 91 Natural Perfume Spray

Magnolia is an ancient tree producing one of the largest and most delicate flowers appearing during spring and early summer. Elegance and striking ...

Stradivari Perfume Odore Mio

Odore Mio Stradivari Eau de Parfum Silver Ring Edition OM No 70

This special edition of Odore Mio Stradivari perfume includes sterling silver ring in the bottle cap decoration. The ring can be detached and ...

Odore Mio Mr Darcy Perfume Flacon

Mr. Darcy’s Perfume Flacon

Antique crystal bottle with glass stopper and silver and gold cap featuring initials of Mr. Darcy, a character from Jane Austen's novel "Pride ...