Eau de Portugal EDT OM No 84 (organic perfume)

Odore Mio Eau de Portugal PerfumeEau de Portugal is an old fashioned citrus classic which never goes out of fashion.  This Odore Mio recreation of this nostalgic beauty is 100% natural organic fragrance made exclusively of real organic oils. It is both refreshing and warming, like a cashmere scarf.  Sweet oranges and refreshing lemons make up opening notes, followed by gentle bergamots and French rose. A touch of lemongrass gives this fragrance additional freshness and smoothness.

Holistic benefits of Orange and Lemongrass oils

Orange oil acts as a natural tonic to the body, keeps the metabolic system in a proper shape and boosts the immunity. It offers additional anti-bacterial properties. Lemongrass oil is a natural deodorant and is far better than many of the synthetic alternatives. Lemongrass oil has good fungicidal properties and may be used to cure fungal infections, both external and internal. Lemongrass is also often used to lower fever.

Eau de Portugal EDT OM No 84

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