Odore Mio Ethical Business Policy

Odore Mio aims to deliver the best possible customer experience by selected the very best and highest quality of all ingredients used in our products. We always look for organic sustainable sources for our fragrance and cosmetics formulation process. Our suppliers are committed to protecting our environment, plant, and animal life.  We are against cruelty to animals and do not test on animals. Our organic products are so good and so fresh that our own Odore Mio staff always want to test them on their own skin.

Botanicals and animal derived ingredients

Most Odore Mio products are made of natural organic plant based oils, butters and extracts. Our Musks and Ambers also come from non-animal plant based sources.  There may be certain products however that may contain natural ingredients such as ambergris. These are sourced ethically from suppliers complying with  all UK and European regulations with regards to protection of animal life.  Such ingredients will be explicitly mentioned in product descriptions. These ingredients are extremely rare and very expensive. Only very limited and very exclusive editions will contain them.