Lisbon Water EDT OM No 85 (organic perfume)

Odore Mio Lisbon Water Perfume SprayLisbon Water by Odore Mio is an elegant citrus based refreshing fragrance made with 100% natural organic oils. The simple design of this fragrance will surprise with sophistication, elegance and natural beauty.  At the heart are oils of juicy blood oranges and zesty Italian lemons.  This citrus freshness is mediated with natural rose oils resulting in a graceful citrus floral accord.

Holistic benefits of Blood Orange and Rose oils

The blood orange fruit grows on the Citrus Sinensis tree which is originally a native of Sicily and the blood orange essential oil is derived by cold compression from its peel. Blood orange is a natural detox oil helping to flush away toxins and the unwanted build-up. It is a natural deodorant and mood elevator. Natural rose oil is a known counter anxiety and depression by improving and balancing overall emotional state. It is also often used as stress busting component by aromatherapy professionals.

Lisbon Water EDT OM No 85

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