London Gold Eau de Toilette (perfume spray) OM No 38

Odore Mio London Gold Eau de Toilette (perfume spray) OM No 38London Gold is a unique fragrance that takes its inspiration from many beautiful gardens scattered around London and open spaces with deep blue skies and fresh marine notes from Thames waters. It opens with a sensational juicy lime and mandarin notes waking up all your senses like a beautiful fresh clear morning in London. It then transports you to a multitude of alleys of Regent’s Park covered in blooming lindens, oak trees, maples, and meadows with exotic flower arrangements. In the meantime an infusion of lavenders grown around London adding some warmth and character. By sunset this fragrance starts to mature into rich woody notes of mahogany, sandalwood, and cedar reminding of rich multicultural fabric of London life. Traces of exotic spices will be surfacing like gentle waves of Thames waters.  Nutmegs from East Indies, cardamom pods from Nepal, vanilla pods from Madagascar and rich evening flower bouquets from florists scattered around London tube stations.

This fragrance has it all, it captures the essence of London life and transmutes it into liquid gold, a true philosopher’s stone of 21st century. This fragrance is dominated by carefully selected natural ingredients allowing a truly multidimensional experience. Its freshness and raw natural botanicals are addictive, just like everything else about London. This luxury perfume contains real organic ambergris, a perfume ingredient as old as gold and nowadays a lot more rare and valuable than gold.  Natural ambergris material is a sought after ingredient and is only available in extremely small quantities.

London Gold is a true masterpiece of artisan perfumery.  Natural organic materials used in this fragrance form a multidimensional real life experience.  The natural ingredients of this perfume are bursting with life. The a romantic bouquet continues to evolve and mature with time offering a truly unique experience.

Stored away from direct sunlight and heat this fragrance will age gracefully and deliver exceptional aromatic experience.

London Gold Eau de Toilette (perfume spray) OM No 38

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