Mulberry Musk Eau de Toilette OM No 45 (perfume spray)

Odore Mio Mulberry Musk Eau de Toilette OM No 45 (perfume spray)

Mulberry Musk is a product of passion and admiration for Mulberry tree.  It is both a tree and a delicious berry. Its graceful branches and leaves provide shelter from rain and burning sun during summer as well as delicious juicy berries. This Mulberry Musk from Odore Mio is that unique combination of sensual light wood notes and delicious sweet fruit accords which are barely noticeable and appear every now and then just like ripe mulberries. The musk accord is silky smooth just like Mulberry silk. This cosy, silky smooth musk will delight with its grace and exquisite taste. Delicious, tasty, and unlike with actual mulberries, you must resist temptation to eat this musk.

Mulberry Musk Eau de Toilette

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