Natural Cologne Eau de Cologne (perfume spray) OM No 8

Odore Mio Natural Cologne Eau de Cologne (perfume spray) OM No 8This is an all-natural plant oil based cologne produced to original 18th century specification.  Back then there were no synthetics, there were no harsh chemicals or preservatives as we know them today. The very fresh natural formulation was an instant success perhaps exactly for these simple reasons of being a very natural fragrant and very fresh aromatic experience. This very natural edition of Cologne from Odore Mio will deliver this authentic experience for you.  It will refresh and excite you on opening with its organic citrus bouquet made from Sicilian Bergamot and Lemon with a hint of Orange from Andalucia. This initial burst of freshness will subside naturally and open up juicy heart notes made from natural oils of French Lavender and Tunisian Neroli. Additional smoothness and silkiness of this Cologne will be felt through delicate notes of Mexican and Tahitian Vanilla.

 Natural Cologne Eau de Cologne OM No 8

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