Odore Mio Incarnation Eau de Parfum OM No 55 (perfume spray)

Incarnation Perfume by Odore Mio

Noble flowers, precious woods and musks are at the heart of this magnificent aromatic experience. A combination of heavenly forces to manifest divine presence and powers usually associates with higher immaterial consciousness. Carnation, the keynote flower in this composition is rich in history, mythology, and symbolism.  The name comes from Greek ceremonial corone, or crown symbolising conception and birth of a sentient being. Carnation’s Latin name Dianthus is associated with Diana, goddess of the hunt, bringing success and strength. Exquisite carnation absolutes in this fragrance are subtle and ethereal. Their presence on opening is enhanced with ceremonial incense notes and precious wood notes such as Indian Sandal Wood and Orris Root. A combination of exotic flowers and berries play supporting role in this journey, culminating in glorious celebration of life. This everyday aromatic incarnation is further supported by precious white musks and ambers. These provide final finishing and lasting powers wrapping this ceremonial grade aromatic experience in gentle candle light and warm sensual experience towards the end of the day.

Odore Mio Incarnation Eau de Parfum OM No 55

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