Royal Mint Eau de Parfum OM No 53 (perfume spray) by Odore Mio

Royal Mint Perfume Cologne

Royal Mint is a refreshingly light, unisex citrus based cologne fragrance with a distinctly unique cloudy mint bouquet in its profile giving it an additional airlift and a whiff of freshness. This lightness and freshness comes from a blend of Jamaican Black Mints, Mint Absolutes and Mint Blossoms.  These noble mints elevate Sicilian Orange, Lemon and Bergamot heart notes to new unimaginable heights of sophistication and freshness. Royal Courts of 18th century always used such extra fine and extra fresh notes in their signature formulations to achieve unique regal cologne freshness. Floral notes include orange blossoms and summer meadow blossoms.  Base notes include ambers, musks and precious woods.

 Odore Mio Royal Mint Eau de Parfum OM No 53 (perfume spray)

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