Summer Miracle Light Eau de Toilette OM No 13 (perfume spray)

Odore Mio Summer Miracle Light Eau de Toilette OM No 13 (perfume spray)Summer Miracle Light is a lighter airier, more oxygenated version of our popular Summer Miracle OM 14 fragrance.  In fact, this lighter fragrance was created sooner than its eponymous cousin. It was composed for a personal friend of our perfumer and had to be kept secret for a while. A sparkling ray of happiness and excitement bottled in this lively fragrance. Full of wonderful summer blossom notes including English rose, carnation, clover, lilacs, wild meadow flowers. It surprises you with its brightness, uplifts you with its subtle nuances and richness of summer meadow blossoms. A versatile and elegant scent that transcends generations.

Summer Miracle Light Eau de Toilette OM No 13

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Natural Organic Fragrance

Stored away from direct sunlight and heat this fragrance will age gracefully and deliver exceptional aromatic experience.

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